The World As It Is

Aedros, Delvi Lowlands, and Vas Gilljor- the continents of the world- are never at peace. Ruled loosely by a largely ceremonial body, The Shattered Republic, the various factions spread across the them vie for control, power, peace, and survival. Long forgotten evidence of these wars scar the land, none more obvious than the Delvi Lowlands themselves.

Y’all motherfuckers are adventurers. Probably going to go on some serious-ass quests. Probs going to be covered in baller-ass loot. Might even fight a dragon or two. FUCK IF I KNOW.

Some shit is all changed up. First, backgrounds are different. So click around in that link to see why and how.

Also some bad mamma-jammas run the world. Read up on the factions because you owe somebody something.

Basements & Basilisks