Global Factions

The Shattered Republic: The Shattered Republic exists as the tentative brokers of order in the world. They maintain a presence through every region, although most doubt their true power should the various factions turn against them. Spawned by a need to foster an uneasy alliance between most of the nations, each region supplies men and resources to the republic to help maintain order and have a right to weigh in on the global proceedings. The MCG of Cubicle provide the Shattered Hand (The name given to their military force) with the best weapons and armor, second only after the Iektor Legion, and from there the Republic distributes their wealth.

Guild of Infinite Glass: The Guild of Infinite Glass was once a religious cult in Aedros stemming from Lesouris. Now a quasi-Crafter and traders guild for the Southern lands, it is a shady magical cult whose lavish, beautiful, awe-inspiring temples and rituals can be found in most every major city except Ja’kash, and they now are based in Omer’s Refuge.

The Pirate Empires: The three pirate empires of the Eastern Coasts are the Echo Empire, the East Sea Company, and the Wasters. The Echo Empire is the largest, owning the largest island, Grygas, with a family-run dynasty. The Eastern Sea Company is the most business like, constantly changing their leaders for the best providers. The Wasters are the brutes, they don’t much care for politics or power, just money and force. They are generally perceived as barbarians on ships. Hallback is the “front” of official business, with the three empires “co-operating” through a large tri-council that has a presence in The Shattered Republic.

Master Crafter’s Guild of Crucible: The Guild is the largest and strongest craft guild in Sunterra. It’s powerful and dangerous, but generally operates in the most neutral capacity. They care very little for the politics and strife of the world above. Their singular focus is crafting, production, and trade. They contain their own elite defense force, but very few factions would ever be willing to attack the MCG of Crucible and sacrifice them as a source of weaponry and armor. The few armies that HAVE tried have seen the power of a city built under the sea, underground, and between two volcanoes.

Iektor Legion: The other inhabitants of the volcanic islands, Khodomo’s Iektor Legion is a dangerous group. First to receive shipments and new items from Crucible, even before the capital, they are a nasty fighting force. With the East Coasts dominated by the Pirate Empires, the Iektor Legion is the aggressive faction on the West. The pirates keep well away from them, at least in the West coast. The Shattered Hands are also a large presence, but they don’t have the tradition the Iektor do, and generally stick to moving their might around on land and contracting the Legion at sea. The Iektor Legion has a tendency to get away with minor shakedowns and piracy with their status getting them out of it.

Redd’s Trade and Sundry: Tyrosh Redd, a famous hero-turned-trader from the era around the breaking of Delvi, used his great power and fame to somewhat tame the wildlands and create Redd’s Crossing, a massive bridge and trading post that became the prosperous city it is today. Having the safest and most convenient crossing on land from north to south meant that the business became a booming success, to the point that most everyone had heard of Redd’s the world over.

Ja’kashi: The Ja’kashi are a religious empire. By order of their proximity and relationship with the Shattered Hand (and as the major food source for the continent of Aedros) they are, in name at least, the official governing body of the South. Their own government is centered around the fervent belief in an entity known as The Source, which they believe is the creator of magic and that the other gods and goddess of the realm are just corruptions of that flow (“false faces”). Generally concerned with destroying the blights and aberrations to the Source (demons and the like) their zealous nature tends to bleed into a distrust and dislike of other religions.

Eye of Derume & The Order of Silence: The two factions on the island of Hir Thurim. Both started as dwarven research stations, devoted to discovering the nature of magic. But the two factions became divided long ago, and their constant bickering in such close proximity lead to the cataclysm that broke the continent of Delvi. The Eye of Derume believes that experimentation with magic should go unchecked, and fully support practicing necromancy. The Order of Silence believes in researching the nature and philosophy of magic to harness it correctly.

Sterkeste Folk: The most wild and un-centralized of all the factions (barely a faction at all. Their machinations in the wider world are rare and infrequent) the savage Sterkeste Folk live in the high mountains that make up most of the northern continent. Though generally free to their own will, often the Order of Har will make deals or treaties that the Sterkeste Folk, if they find the terms agreeable, will honor (as a collective more or less they will… It’s hard to spread the message to every clan, harder to make some abide). They have one permanent settlement in a well known valley, where the various clans gather for major events. Beyond that, it remains a trading post. A lot of interesting things can come from the untamed mountains.

Les Sable D’or: The Les Sable D’or began as an alliance between the Bone Elves and the humans who arrived on the most southern tip of Aedros. Since then, they’ve thrived among the sands, accumulating a large amount of wealth, power, and knowledge thanks to a particularly lax view on crime, as such, even slavery is generally tolerated, but is seen as archaic. Many of the great crime houses are located in either Paradis or Lesouris, and have major connections and influence within Les Sable D’or.

Order of Har: The official wardens of the north, the government known as the Order of Har is comprised of a legendary order of monks founded on the symbiotic collaboration of an innumerable number of schools and disciplines. The Order also has representation from the Northern Elf Enclave, located in the great forest on the southern edge of the continent. The Order puts a high value on the acquisition of knowledge and information and as such, the Order attracts far more than monks. The Order is even said to broker their vast wealth of information for gain, and has a vast network of spies at their disposal, in contrast to their lack of actual military might.

Global Factions

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