Background Change

Background Additions
Instead of choosing your background job, you choose the area or culture you are from and have experience in. This affects rolls by giving you stacking ½ proficiency bonus on a certain checks for local history or for info acquisition, a feature in place of the background feature. Choose from the available proficiencies or languages.

Sterkeste Folk:
Wicked and mysterious and cold are the best way to describe Sterkeste Folk lands. You’re from the mixed race clans in the far North. Contrary to perception, they aren’t just foolish barbarians, and their harsh environs tend to lend innate cunning in the wild.
Mostly Mountains and Bears: Nature/Survival checks about anything North of Delvi.
Choose 1 language and Choose 1: Herbalism Kit, Woodcarver Kit, Musical Instrument, Leatherworker Kit
Like The Back of My Hand: Who needs maps? Certainly not you. You’re excellent at recalling places you’ve ventured across previously, and can feed 1d4 allies daily in the right environment.

Capital Culture:
Brynn’s Landing is an interesting place, an epicenter of amassed cultures. Being from a place of such integration and influence can easily impress most anyone on the continents that are pleasant with the Republic.
Talking Heads: History checks about ruling bodies.
Choose 1 language, Choose 1 tool proficiency
City Slicker: You’ve got the look of someone in the Hand, generally carrying some kind of pin or other trinket. You aren’t a member, no, but the common folk of places that are friendly to the ruling body don’t need to know that. They’ll gladly host such sophisticated guests.

Order of Hár (Northerner):
The people of the Vas Gilljor typically live simple lives; surrounded by beautiful vistas, plenty of greenery, and just enough ambient cold to make them masters of hospitality and community, all while trying to maintain at least a few of the great monk order’s higher-minded tenets.
Namaste, Shalom, Amen: Religion checks about the tenets of any major religion or any in the North.*
Choose 2 languages
Choose 2 of any Artisan Tool or Instrument

  • Har Terrace
    That Passive Preacher Street Cred: You’re from the lands of legendary tolerance and patience; an order dedicated to religious understanding. Any respectable religion would gladly put you up for a bit for the karma, even intolerant Ja’Kashi would think twice about not offering at least a night or two.
  • Northern Enclave Elf:
    Disney Princess Syndrome: You’ve got a spirit animal companion of some kind. They can fulfill mundane minor tasks, but won’t provide you with any combat aid or go into dangerous places. Mistreating them or abusing them might lead to bad mojo.

Northern Desert:
Northern Aedros culture is generally influenced by the Ja’kashi, with most people living towards the northeast. This means Adventurers who are from there are pretty familiar with the religions of the Southern lands and maybe the dirty details about major religions.
Actually, If You’re Familiar with the Source Material…: Religion checks about unsavory bits of major religion or any in Aedros.
Proficiencies/Languages: Choose any 2 tool/vehicle proficiencies
Everyone Expects the Southern Inquisition: Ja’Kashi have a reputation for being pretty intolerant, and it means most people aren’t really excited to get anywhere near politics with them. Minor infractions in civilizations are generally met with a warning if you even seem like you’re about to talk about State Religion.

Southern Desert:
Southern Aedros is nearly considered three-fourths of the continent, and no one is foolish enough to pretend like the Les Sable D’or aren’t rightful wardens of Aedros. Everything Ja’Kashi hate, from pagan religions, to all manner of vices, oddities, and just general chaos come from the Sands in the South.
Sins and Sands: History checks for any of the major settlements or bodies in Aedros.
Choose 1 language and any tool/vehicle proficiency
Choose 2 of any tool/vehicle proficiencies

  • Les Sable D’or
    You Ever Seen A Donkey Show?: You’ve got an unsavory contact or two, and if you’re far from home, you know a guy who’d know a guy you might be able to proposition.
  • Bone Forest Elf
    My Homeland is Dead, It’s All Sand in the Wind: Nature/Survival South of Delvi.

Adventurers from the Delvi Lowlands typically have at least dabbled in a trade, caravanning, or smuggling. When most people use your homeland as a trade highway and little else, you end up with a knack for the business of valuing goods and getting around.
Continental Cross-Roads: Survival/Nature checks in Delvi.
Proficiencies/Languages: Land Vehicle Proficiency, Choose 1 language or tool kit
It’s a Rental: In most villages, settlements, and cities- if they can manage it- you can either find a ride out of town or be “lent” a land vehicle. Some conditions may apply.

East Seas:
Adventurers from the East Sea know a lot about two things- the shadier side of life and the sea. How good a time it was depends on the Pirate Empire whose waters you lived in.
A Pirate’s Life For Me: Choose the pirate company whose waters you grew up in.

  • Eastern Sea Company: Int checks when appraising items
  • Echo Empire: History check regarding criminal enterprises
  • Wasters: Wis checks on the water
    Proficiencies/Languages: Water Vehicle Proficiency, Choose 1 tool or music instrument
    Look at me. Look at me. I am the Captain Now: You always seem to have a second sense for water travel. You can usually find someone willing to give you a ride, potentially at a cost, or a small vessel for you to “temporarily” captain. Some conditions apply.

Hir Thurim:
The remote island of Hir Thurim is home to two larges magic research stations in the known world, who happen to be bitter rivals. The actual geography of the island itself is harsh and rocky, with very few people living on the island proper. Most live inside the vast and expansive network of caves and dwarven structures underneath. Almost any adventurer from here has a leg up on knowing a little more about the weave of magic and will have more experience with books and documents than most.
WHAT ARE THOOOSE?!: Arcana checks to identify spells or magic runes
Proficiencies/Languages: Choose 1 language, Choose 1 Artisan Tool
Papers, Please: Thanks to all that studying and writing you were forced to learn, you can pretty seemlessly copy any document you’ve seen before. MAYBE a little illusion magic is involved.

Western Shores:
The western islands of [[Oja & Khodomo | Oja & Khodomo]] are volcanic islands that host the Crafter’s Guild of Crucible below and the Iektor Legion above.

  • Master Crafter’s Guild of Crucible:
    Lemme see that: Arcana checks to identify the properties of materials.
    Proficiencies/Languages: Water Vehicle Proficiency, Choose 1 Artisan tool
    Invite Only: You belong to THE guild. You’ve never been to the actual Master Crafter’s Guild on Crucible, but you’re a member in name, at least. That will get you in with any local merchants, or other people who are also members. Just make sure you pay your dues.
  • Iektor Legion:
    Swear to the Gods, it was THIS big: Int checks having to do with the seas
    Proficiencies/Languages: Water Vehicle Proficiency, Choose 1 Artisan tool
    Speak softly, and carry a big stick: You were involved with the Iektor Legion, and you have a token from your time with them. While not any official title or command, many fighters and warriors across the known world respect anyone who has served with Legion.

Non-Region Specific Features- The following features can be used to substitute the feature for any region while still using the benefits/proficiencies.

Fantasy Django Unchained: You are marked or wear clothing that shows you were once in servitude. Other slaves and those in more… oppressive servitude will provide you reliable information on nearby locations of potentially safe hiding places, sources of food and water and suggestions on how to evade authorities.

I’m a Wanderer, Yeah I’m a Wanderer: You haven’t really settled down much. You’ve been on the move since you were able to make it on your own. You’ve got the look of that lone mysterious stranger type, and as such can get entrance into the seedier dens in a city and the local law easier than normal and without much fan fare.

Background Change

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